Encapsulated Doors
Severe Duty
By utilising almost any commercially available laminate or PVC finish* and making use of radiused vertical edges a robust and aesthetically pleasing door and frame can be crafted to suit the most demanding of environments.

Encapsualted doorsets consist of lamiate or PVC post-formend doors, frames and linings.
Radiused vertical edges to the door leaves and frames give a distinctive appearance as well as  offering high resistance to high impacts whist giving a unique aesthetic appeal. The finsihes offer a high level of robustness to many chemicals.
Various facing options are avalibile including:
  • textured PVC (standard and antimicrobial)
  • Gloss PVC (standard and antimicrobial)
  • Laminates.  Ranging from plain colours in matt and gloss finishes to simulated wood and metal finishes, many of which are antibacterial.

Lewis Aldridge can supply a range of finishes on request, alternatively we are open to using any other commercially avalibile finishes that meet requirments.
Frames and linings can be made to match or contrast depending on the overall look to be achived.
  • All doorsets come pre-hung for easy fitting
  • Fire Rated options are available
  • Lead or steel linings can be incorporated beofre the finish is applied.
  • Various glazing options are available to suit most applications.

High Pressure Laminates
Available in a huge number of colours and finishes, these doors and frames can be as subtle or loud
as your design calls for. High pressure laminates have a high resistance to scratching and a number
of antibacterial finishes are on offer. These doors and door sets are easy to wipe clean and are
low maintenance.
* Laminate or PVC must be of a thermo-formable variety

Vision Panels PVC Wrapping

A number of smooth and textured PVC finishes are available covering over 60 colours. Antimicrobial finishes are well suited to medical and pharmaceutical facilities. The smooth PVCs are especially suited to areas where regular washing down is required. To create a unique installation we are able to combine colours to suit an area.
BioDoor is a unique product wrapped in smooth antimicrobial PVC which has been impregnated throughout the PVC with silver ions. This means that even if the PVC is scratched it will still be fully antimicrobial… the
antimicrobial properties last for the lifetime of the product.

A range of frames is available in either painted or wrapped finishes to match or contrast with the finish of the door leaf. Steel powder coated and stainless steel frames are available to order.

Vision Panels
Traditional vision panels and flush glaze vision panels can be installed to your
design. Specialist vision panels such as integrated privacy blinds and stainless
steel surrounds can also be incorporated into the design of the doors.
Lead Lined Doors
Encapsulated doors can be used to hide lead lining for X-ray room doors