Available as
MDF Frames – Primed, Veneered or wrapped
Softwood frames – Primed, painted or wrapped
Hardwood frames – Primed, painted, stained or wrapped
Steel Frames – Powder coated
Stainless steel frames – Satin, SUS 304 or SUS 316 grade

Frame Types

Lining with loose stops & optional architrave…. Standard frame for general use.
Split Frame with integrated architrave, loose stops… allows an amount of
adjustment on the wall thickness. Fast, easy installation.
Double action frame… required for all double action doorsets
Steel & Stainless steel frames: telescopic -5+15 mm to help with installation.
NO DECORATING REQUIRED. Very hard wearing. Amazingly fast to fit.

Standard Frame

This is an industry standard frame featuring the door frame itself, stops and architrave. Our most commonly purchased frame due its easability to instal

Rebated Frames

Rebated frames are suited for external uses as they are much harder to breach.

Flush Frame

Flush frames sit against the wall plaster meaning they are flush with wall.

Split Frame

Split Frames can be adjusted to suit different wall thicknesses, the gap is then covered by the stop. The edges of the frame 'hug' the wall meaning architraves are not needed.

Double Action

Double Action frames can house either double action or pivot hinges allow the door to open both ways

Steel Frame

Steel Frames are much stronger and secure than timber frames, withstanding more use or being harder to breach. They are also a visual deterant