Frames and Vision Panles 
Vision Panels
Traditional vision panels and flush glaze vision panels can be installed to your
design. Specialist vision panels such as integrated privacy blinds and stainless
steel surrounds can also be incorporated into the design of the doors.

Available as
MDF Frames – Primed, Veneered or wrapped
Softwood frames – Primed, painted or wrapped
Hardwood frames – Primed, painted, stained or wrapped
Steel Frames – Powder coated
Stainless steel frames – Satin, SUS 304 or SUS 316 grade

Frame Types
Lining with loose stops & optional architrave…. Standard frame for general use.
Split Frame with integrated architrave, loose stops… allows an amount of
adjustment on the wall thickness. Fast, easy installation.
Double action frame… required for all double action doorsets
Steel & Stainless steel frames: telescopic -5+15 mm to help with installation.
NO DECORATING REQUIRED. Very hard wearing. Amazingly fast to fit.

Lewis Aldridge is able to offer a number of different frame styles, diagrams and information of which can be found below. Frames, architrave and stops are all supplied with either square section or radius edges (other profiles available on request), Frames will be made to accommodate door openings, stops and architrave to standard sizes unless specified otherwise.
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Door Frames, Architraves and stops.
Vision Panels
vision panels and Beading
Vision Panels
A number of standard vision panels are available. We are also able to create non-standard vision panels to suit your needs. Specialist panels can be installed to allow for items such as privacy blinds with anti-ligature controls, stainless steel surrounds,X-ray safe glass and lazer safe blinds.
All vision panels can be fitted with either Bolection or flush beading. Encapsulated doors also have the option be fitted with flush glazing. Flush glazing can be supplied as fire rated (triple glazed with fire rated glass in the centre) or none fire rated (no central glass), termed as clear glazed. Flush glazing has the option to be completely flush with the door finish or slightly set back with a 'v groove', a diagram of this can be found on the encapsulated doors page.

Stainless steel surrounds are available in a number of designs and sizes.
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