Laminated Doors
Severe Duty, laminate can be used to create the doors to suit your project...
Laminated doors consist of a solid door core with a laminated face. The vertical edges can be post-formed to give a smooth ergonomic finish or the edges can be lipped to create a mitred edge or borderd with exposed lippings.
Laminates are a great option as they are highly durable and provide long lasting finishes, which range from matte to gloss colours and are also available in  wood or metal effects.

HPL laminates are highly scratch resistant and many are available as antibacterial. They are easy to keep clean and are low maintenance.
A range of laminates can be supplied on request or we are happy to source your specific requests.
  • our full range of vision panels are avaliable with this door
  • fire rating options range from non-rated up to FD120
  • Acoustic and lead lined door sets are available upon request.
A huge number of laminates is available to suit every colour choice and many textures can be utilised to create the look you desire: solid colours, metallic finishes, wood effect finishes and finishes incorporating nanotechnology. High pressure laminates offer great resistance to scratching and are easy to keep clean. Lippings can be exposed or mitred to suit your requirements.