The requirements of doors and door sets in residential properties are as varied as ever. From minimalist loft conversions to traditional cottages, apartments in the centre of London to suburban housing in any town you choose to name... and they all require something different.

Lewis Aldridge has supplied hand made, Edwardian copy doors in traditional woods,  doors lacquered to marine quality and everything inbetween. Besopke doors are available in almost any finish and a range of standard doors is available if you require something that just looks fresh, new and has the feeling of quality!
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             Recent Residential projects:

The Achitect

If you work 'in the industry' the last thing you want to go home to of an evening is more of the same. Lewis Aldridge was commissioned to produce a number of door sets to combat just this. The client was able to choose the veneer, to choose the inlays, to change the standard beading around the vision panels to something more of their liking and to have the doors made much taller than in your average home. The result.. a completely bespoke design, unique in every way and representing the personality of the client.

The frustrated home owner

When you want something a bit better than you already have!

Lewis Aldridge supplied a number of door sets to a home owner whose only brief was something modern that did not look like it had been bought from the local DIY store!

The home owner received oak veneered doors with a silver shado detail... just the way they wanted