Steel Lined Doors
Severe Duty
Steel lined doors offer high grade protection against intrusion. They are much harder to breach due to steel plates hidden within the lining of the door, making it much more resistant to various forms of attack, whilst still looking aesthetically pleasing.

Doors and linings can either be laminated or encapsulated in a range of finishes meaning the doorset will match others within the installation.

A variety of vision panels are available with reinforced glass to the required grade.

For more infomation and downloads  on steel frames click here 

Lead Lined Doors
Radiation protection
Lead Lined Doors offer protection against radiation given out by x-ray machines.
They are constructed using a single sheet of lead in the centre of the door and can be accompanied by a lead glass vision panel if necessary.

Lewis Aldridge will manufacture a lead lined frame & architrave set along with the door ensuring that all lead overlaps giving the fullest protection against harmful rays.