Venerred doors
Severe Duty
Veneered doors give the look of a solid wood door without the price and weight. We only use the highest quality veneers and adhesives giving the best possibile finish and avoiding any future issues with splitting or blistering.
There are many species of timber suitable for veneering. Lewis Aldridge can supply a range on request or are happy to source any other commercially avaibile options that meet requirements. Options include various standard and bespoke marquetry veneers and inlays.
Additional inserts can be incorporated to create features such as black ebony inlays.
Lipping options consist of same species real wood either exposed to create a boarder or concealed for a solid wood effect.
Doors are avalable as single leavesor part of a complete door set with frames made of real timber of the same species. Other options are veneered MDF frames and painted frames (usually supplied primed for on site finishing)
  • All doorsets are pre-hung for easy fitting .
  •  vision panelling is also avalibile.

This is a small example of a line of veneers we can use, however we have another 10293 for you to chooes from !