Vision Panels
A number of standard vision panels are available (see diagram below). We are also able to create non-standard vision panels to suit your needs. Specialist panels can be installed to allow for items such as privacy blinds with anti-ligature controls, stainless steel surrounds and X-ray safe glass (see photos below). Beading options are also shown below
All vision panels can be fitted with either Bolection or flush beading. Encapsulated doors also have the option be fitted with flush glazing. Flush glazing can be supplied as fire rated (triple glazed with fire rated glass in the centre) or none fire rated (no central glass), termed as clear glazed. Flush glazing has the option to be completely flush with the door finish or slightly set back with a 'v groove', a diagram of this can be found on the encapsulated doors page .

Specialist Vision Panels

Heading 1